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Human Ecology

An academic discipline that deals with the association between humans and their natural environment is known as "human ecology". It is about investigating how individuals and individual societies interrelate with nature and with their environment.

It is believed that the field of human ecology was first established in the United States of America back in the 1950's or even earlier. It was first known
as sociological field rather then human ecology. Theories were first based on the community structure it wasn't until later in the 1970's that human ecology focus on explaining social factors. It included physical and biological facts as independent variables stating how it has influenced social structure and other social phenomena. This change of pattern from a classical sociological view of human exemption has brought new outlooks. Individuals are no
longer the extraordinary species that can use its culture to adapt onto new environments and environmental change. It is thought to have been influenced more by social than by biological variables, but they are seen
as one kind out of many that interacts with a surrounding natural environment.

A disagreement line between this new pattern and the classical sociological approach is the devaluating of society and cultures. Human ecology views human communities and populations as a part of the earths' ecosystem.

Many considers that sociology is a sub-discipline of ecology, but if that is the case dispute arises if human ecology is a sub-discipline of sociology, or if it is a sub-discipline of ecology. What

points out the concluding position is that methodological approach of human ecology is the orientation rather then along the lines of natural science and social science. In saying this,
the inclusion and exclusion of human ecology in sociology varies between different countries and schools of sociological thinking.

It is at times that human ecology is seen part of environmental sociology and at other times as something totally different.

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