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Ecology (also commonly known as ecological science) is the study of the distribution and abundance between the connections of living organisms to their physical environment and how these
properties are affected by interactions between the organisms and their environment. The organism's environment includes both the physical properties, which can be explained as the total of local abiotic factors of the environment including light, temperature, atmospheric gases, and geology feature, as well as the other organisms that share its habitat.

Ecology belongs to the branch of biology, which generally refers to the science that studies living beings and organisms. Organisms can be studied at many different levels from:

  • Proteins and Nucleic Acids - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Cells - Cellular Biology
  • Individuals - Botany, Zoology, and other similar regulation
  • Populations
  • Communities
  • Ecosystems
  • Biosphere as a whole
Because ecology focuses on the higher levels of the association of life on earth and the connections between organisms and its’ environment, ecology focus strongly on many other
branches of science, especially geology (study of origin and earth) and geography (study of the earth and its’ features), meteorology (study of the climate), pedology (study of soil), chemistry (study of composition, structure, and etc), and physics (study of medicine and drugs). Hence, ecology is considered a multi-disciplinary science.

As a methodical discipline, ecology does not state what is "wrong" or "right". Nevertheless, sustaining biodiversity and related ecological targets have assisted scientific basis for putting across the goals of environmentalism and have set scientific methodology, measure, and terminology to environmental issues.

Ecology is a broad science which can be subdivided into many different major and minor sub-disciplines. We have selected a broad variety of them:

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